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What we are studying:

We have developed a smartphone app (iPhone and Android only) to support nondaily smokers who would like to quit smoking. We are looking for nondaily smokers, who are willing to try out this app, and share their experience with us. If you smoke cigarettes on some days (but not daily), you may be eligible to participate in this research study conducted by faculty at the MGH-Harvard Center for Addiction Medicine.

Why it is important:

The purpose of this research study is to develop a smartphone app to support nondaily smokers in quitting smoking. Based on a content analysis of existing apps, and based on the extant literature on smoking cessation, we have developed a smoking cessation app that we think could be helpful to nondaily smokers seeking to quit smoking. We are asking you to participate in this study, because we would like you try out our app and tell us about your experience using this app.

What we hope to accomplish:

This study is our second test of this app, and we hope to work closely with you to shape the third version of this app!

Who can participate:

Non-daily smokers, iPhone or Android phone owners, English speaking, over the age of 18

What you may be asked to do:

Your participation in this study consists of making an attempt to quit smoking while using our smoking cessation app. Our goal is to capture your experience while you do so through three types of interactions: (1)  surveys, (2) use of our smoking cessation app, and (3) optional participation in an online video/Skype session.

Estimated Time Commitment:

6 months

What You May Get:

To compensate you for the time and effort it will take to complete all assessments, we will compensate you up to $195.


Online-only study

How do I get involved?

To determine your eligibility, we need to complete a 10-minute phone screen with you. Please call us at 617-724-3129 or email us at if you are interested!

See here for more information.

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