Connecting the Multiple Stakeholders

List of RCCs Interested in Research:

  • This list contains the contact information of recovery community centers who are interested in collaborating with scientists on research studies.
  • The list contains the following information:
    • RCC Name
    • Location
    • Brief Description
    • Website
    • Contact name, role, email, and phone
  • If you plan to contact any RCCs on this list, please let them know where you found their contact information.
  • If you would like your RCC to be added to the list, please email

List of Studies That Are Looking for Study Participation from RCCs:

Through our ongoing conversations for this research advancing initiative, we are aware of several ongoing research studies that would love to include RCC participants. Some of these studies are directly about the RCC experience; others are relevant for RCC participants without a specific emphasis on RCCs. All of these studies compensate study participants for their time. To help connect RCCs with scientists, and vice versa, we are listing these studies here for your consideration:

  • "Alcohol Recovery Research Study" - a study by the University of New Mexico to find out more about recovery from alcohol use disorder
  • “Defining Recovery Capital” – a NIAAA-funded study to develop a new measure of recovery capital—the social, financial, human, and cultural resources that support recovery from alcohol and other drug problems.
  • "Quitting Nondaily Smoking" – a study funded by the American Cancer Society to test the effectiveness of smoking cessation support, delivered remotely.
  • "Recovery Pathways Study" – a NIAAA-funded study to describe different recovery pathways over time.

Curated List of Studies related to Substance Use: We have also become aware of a great resource that Dr. Joe Riggs put together. He created a curated list of studies that are looking for research participants. All of these studies are addressing substance use. Please check out his map and listing here: "Clinical Trials Map".

Scientists, if you’d like your study listed here, please email us:

Hands-on Support:

Our R24 team is ready and excited to lend a helping hand, and/or to simply connect and discuss issues pertaining to advancing the science on recovery community centers. Please reach out to us ( to schedule a meeting with Dr. Bettina Hoeppner via Zoom to:

  • Ask questions about ways to measure the impact of your RCC
  • Get hands-on support designing online surveys for your RCC
  • Get feedback regarding an application you want to submit for our pilot study funding mechanism
  • Follow-up on discussions we have started during our seminar series
  • Provide feedback to us on things you think we should be talking about within our seminar series
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration – e.g., for scientists to connect with RCCs; for RCCs to connect with scientists
  • … and more!

We would love to hear from you and connect with you.


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