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Equal contribution, ‡Corresponding author

Publications related to education and outreach

Evaluating virtual STEM mentoring programs: The experience
Som, S. M.; Walker, S. I.; Miller, E.; Anbar, M.; Kacar, B.; Forrester, J. H.

Integrating mentoring in a social network setting with the S.A.G.A.N. mentorship program
Adam, Z.; DeMarines, J.; Kacar, B.; Illangkoon, H.; Som, S.; Walker, S.I.

Mentoring Elementary School Students Through Virtual Media: C.A.R.L. S.A.G.A.N. Mentorship Program
Walker, S.I.; Kacar, B.; Adam, Z.; DeMarines, J.; Anbar, M; Nicks, T.; Som, S.

Montana dağlarında iz peşinde: Milyar yıllık mikrofosiller, Belt topluluğu ve astrobiyoloji üzerine (Acik Bilim, Aug 2015) (Turkish)

Moleküler düzeyde zaman yolculugu (T24, July 2012) (Turkish)

Synergistic Activities 

  • Science Organizing Committee – Astrobiology Science Conference, 2017
  • Science Organizing Committee – 2nd American Society for Microbiology Conference in Microbial Evolution, 2016
  • Board of Advisor – Bio-Builder: MIT Synthetic Biology Foundation, Cambridge, MA, 2016
  • Science Mentor – Science Club for Girls, Cambridge, MA, 2016
  • Mentor – Young Guru Academy: For the Visually Impaired Children, 2016
  • Participant – NASA NexSS Coalition to Lead Search for Life on Distant Worlds, 2016
  • Global Science Coordinator (Origins of Life) – ELSI Origins Network, Japan, 2015
  • Chair – Astrobiology Science Conference Chance and Necessity: Proteins to Planets Session, 2015
  • Science Organizing Committee – 1st American Society for Microbiology Conference in Microbial Evolution, 2014
  • Cast – NOVA PBS Documentary on Origins of Life, 2014
  • Lecturer – Quantitative Evolutionary Biology Workshop Turkey, 2014
  • Chair – Gordon Research Symposium on Microbial Population Biology, 2013
  • Cartoon Science Character – Mars Now! Lunar and Planetary Institute STEM for Girls, 2013
  • Local Organizing Committee – Astrobiology Science Conference, 2012
  • Co-founder and Administrator – The Astrobiology STEM Network SAGANet (, 2011
  • Co-chair – Astrobiology Graduate Student Research Focus Group, 2011
  • Founder – NAI Origins of Life Early-Career Focus Group, 2011
  • First place – Proposal Competition, Astrobiology Graduate Student Research Focus Group, 2010
  • Organizing Committee – NAI Workshop without Walls: Rewinding the Tape of Life, 2010
  • Translator  – Hardworkers for Evolution, Translating Understanding Evolution into Turkish, 2007-2009
  • Curriculum Developer  – NSF K12 PRISM Education Program: Cases Online, 2006-2008