About Alexander Bick

Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Bick is an MD/PhD student at Harvard Medical School. Alex grew up in New Jersey and graduate cum laude from Harvard College with highest honors in bioengineering. He also completed a Master’s degree in bioengineering from Harvard before starting his MD/PhD Program. While his early interest was in tissue engineering and fluid mechanics, his recent work has focused on defining the contribution of rare genetic variation to human health and disease in the general population. Mentored by Drs. Jonathan Seidman and Christine Seidman of the Harvard Medical School Genetics Department and working in close collaboration with Jackson Heart Study and Framingham Heart Study  investigators, Alex has sequenced the full coding region of genes known to cause Mendelian cardiovascular disease analyzed the extent to which rare mutations in these genes are predictive of disease in apparently healthy individuals. Alex’s work provides a first glimpse of the promise and challenges posed by genome sequencing healthy individuals as part of routine clinical practice. Alex is working to ensure that when genomic sequencing reaches the clinic, doctors will be able to use the new data to enhance patient care.

He has received the Information Technology award from the Massachusetts Medical Society, research fellowships from the American Heart Association and the American Society for Pharmacology and is presently funded by a Medical Scientist Training Fellowship from the NIH. His fifteen papers and two patents have been cited more than 250 times and include recent publications in Science, Nature Genetics, JAMA, the American Journal of Human Genetics and Circulation Research.