Bing received the Doctor in Design Studies degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and his dissertation was entitled “Decision-Making Support in Early Design Stage for High Performance Naturally Ventilated Buildings.” Bing also holds a Master in Design Studies degree in Energy and Environments from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in China. His undergraduate study focused on HVAC systems, building physics, and building performance analysis, while the study and research at the GSD emphasized more on integrating building performance analysis with design. Currently Bing works as a Post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities.

Bing’s primary research interest is building performance informed design, including building performance evaluation and its integration with design, especially in regard to natural ventilation, but also including daylighting, energy consumption and thermal comfort. The fundamentals of building physics and the technologies of building performance simulation have been well-understood. However, the more critical question is how to apply this knowledge to design. In his doctoral research he developed a design decision-making support system for early-stage design considering natural ventilation potential and embedded the system in Rhino Grasshopper. The system presented the potential of building performance informed design as a new design methodology.

Bing worked as teaching assistance at both Harvard University and Tsinghua University for core course and studios, as well as research assistance for various research projects. His previous research work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences. In addition, he also has work experience in assisting designers during an internship with Transsolar, an international architectural consulting firm. He worked there as a computational fluid dynamics specialist, focusing on analysis of natural ventilation and thermal comfort of indoor and outdoor spaces. In this role, he was supervised by the director, Matthias Schuler, and worked in collaboration with architects Steven Holl, Frank Gehry and others.