Research Affiliate, Georgetown Center on National Security and the Law

My dissertation examines the problem of accountability in international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), which are private voluntary associations that aim to bring about sustainable improvements in a state’s ability to provide essential services. Despite the significant impact that their activities have on the distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities in the world, mechanisms of NGO accountability are weak by comparison to those applicable to political and for-profit corporate actors: beyond self-reporting there is very little oversight of their activities. The dissertation...

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Brodi K. Copyright’s Digital Reformulation. Yale Journal of Law and Technology. 2003;5 :141-153.Abstract
The article evaluates the implications of emerging digital technologies for intellectual property law and policy and projects the impact of recent changes to relevant international treaties, agreements, and U.S. intellectual property law and policy.

Law Preview, LLC





I have lectured for Law Preview, a week-long law school preparatory course, for five years in a variety of U.S. cities including New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Fort Worth and Philadelphia.

Global Distributive Justice and Political Borders





Instructor, Global Distributive Justice and Political Borders, Harvard University Department of Government, Fall 2007, Spring 2009, Spring 2010. I designed and taught this advanced political science course examining immigration, foreign assistance, economic development, global public health issues, structures of global governance, international organizations, nationalism and human rights.