Curatorial Work

Co-Curator with David Bindman, The Art of Jazz, Harvard Art Museum and Cooper Gallery, Harvard 2016

Co-Curator, The Sensual Forest: Art, Community and Sustainability. Exhibition. Mather House Gallery, Harvard University. Curated with Christie McDonald and Kevin Tervala. 2016

Curator, World Fairs, Harvard Art Museum, 2015

Curatorial work in Nigeria, Art of Ancient Ife

Co-Curator, African Art and Identity: The Teel Collection, Harvard University Art Museum, with Aimee Bessire, 1997.

Curator, Gestures in African Art: The Mount Collection, Kahan Gallery, New York

Curator, African Art as Theatre, Vassar College, 1980

Curator, Beauty and the Beast, Tribal Arts Gallery, New York, 1976