The pandemic increases the market for electric bicycles


Electric bicycles have become a key player in the world’s bicycle industry thanks to their potential to replace larger vehicles on short trips, eliminating the usual drawbacks of traditional bicycles. Based on some search data about bicycles on the Internet, electric mountain bike reviews and Urban Hybrid Bike Reviews are the two most popular topics.

As the mobility landscape shifts to more sustainable forms of transportation, the electric bicycle industry raises its growth potential above any other time in history. This is stated in the recently published European Mobility Atlas 2021, a report that looks at key facts and figures about transport in Europe. Although the market that has been gaining ground with investments and the trend to relocate production facilities, with the Covid-19 pandemic has seen its growth boosted above previous forecasts.

The European Mobility Atlas is a report published by the German foundation Heinrich-Béll, champion of green policies. It includes all the important data related to the sector and can be used as a key document to give more weight to cycling promotion policies. During the presentation of the report, Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, highlighted that the European cycling industry has an important role to play in achieving the EU's ecological goals as "cycling is one of the key solutions for reduce emissions from mobility ”.


The bicycle market

The bicycle industry (which also includes electric bicycle manufacturers and the components and parts industry) currently employs, both directly and indirectly, 120,000 workers in around 900 small and medium-sized companies. Annual sales reach 20 million bicycles and the industry's annual investment in research and development is $ 1 billion per year.

Electric bicycles and Covid-19

Today, the growth of bicycle production is mainly driven by electric bicycles. Its increasing demand is helping the industry recover quickly from the impact of Covid-19. Electric bikes offer an affordable, carbon-neutral transportation alternative that can be easily combined with other modes of transportation, in line with sustainability goals.

Job positions related to European electric bike industry

This growth in the market for electric bicycles is also translating into the creation of qualified jobs in the American and European bicycle industries. Whereas to produce 1,000 conventional bicycles per year between two and three skilled workers are needed, while in the case of electric bicycles it is necessary between four and five jobs. To note, around 60% of the bicycles sold in Europe are produced in some country of the Union. In 2019, more than 60,000 jobs were related to the bicycle industry.

The electric bicycle is a way of life of the present and the future. This means of transportation has been transformed from "a strange discovery" to "a necessity for commuters." The growth trend in the electric bicycle market has in turn encouraged companies such as KBO Bike to continue to develop its products to meet all possible scenarios that cyclists may want. It seems that the trend of electric vehicles is inevitable.

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