New: Jonathan David Bobaljik and Uli Sauerland 2023. About 'us': Clusivity ⊔ exh. Sinn und Bedeutung 27. Prague. Sept 2022. [Proceedings (2023); related paper]

Recent: Jonathan David Bobaljik. OV/VO in Itelmen. Workshop on (Morpho)syntax. London. Sept 2022, (and Paleo-Asiatic Conference ILI RAN, Nov 2022). [Slides; Text 1 (Wingless Gosling)]

Recent: Paula Fenger, Maria Kouneli, and Jonathan David Bobaljik. Morphosyntactic constraints on Phonological dominance. At IMM 20, Budapest. Sept 2022. [Slides] [Related paper here.

Maria Gouskova and Jonathan David Bobaljik. 2022. “The lexical core of a complex functional affix: Russian baby diminutive -onok.” Natural Language and Linguistic TheoryPublisher's Versionbaby_diminutives.pdf

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