Ительменский словарь (Mobile App version)


A. P. Volodin. 2022. “Ительменский словарь (Mobile App version).” Edited by Chikako Ono, Jonathan David Bobaljik, David Koester, and Michael Krauss. Publisher's Version
Ительменский словарь (Mobile App version)


Itelmen-English-Russian Dictionary


Mobile App version of the Itelmen-English-Russian Dictionary based originally on the work of A. P. Volodin, edited by C. Ono. This mobile app version was produced as part of the Itelmen Audio-Video Dictionary Project with the support of the National Science Foundation (PIs: J. D. Bobaljik, D. Koester, and M. Krauss.)

Last updated on 03/15/2022