Wolof 101AR - Wolof literature  (Fall 2021)
Elementary Wolof AA (Fall 2021)
Writing Africa Today (Fall 2020)
African Voices for Freedom, Citizenship and Social Justice (Fall 2020)
African Literature and the Poetics of Memory (Spring 2020/2021)
Literature Society and Politics in Africa (Fall 2019)
Introduction to African Literature and Film (Fall 2019)
Advanced Seminar in Literary Theory (Fall 2018)
Theories of Trauma and African Contemporary Trauma Naratives (Spring 2018)
The Art of the Ordinary: 20th and 21st Centuries African Short Fiction (Fall 2017)
French and Francophone Literature (2015-2017)
French A and B (2015-2017)
African Short Fiction (Spring 2013)
Political Thought in African Literature (Fall 2012)
Introduction to African Literature and Film (Fall 2012)