Prominence Redistribution in the Aŭciuki Dialect of Belarusian.


Borise L. Prominence Redistribution in the Aŭciuki Dialect of Belarusian. Proceedings of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL) 24, 94-109. 2017.
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One of the South-Eastern dialects of Belarusian exhibits an unusual phonological property: in certain environments, the immediately pretonic syllable is pronounced with prominence which is equal to or greater than that of the stressed syllable. This phenomenon has been analysed, albeit tentatively, as stress retraction (Kurylo, 1928; Kryvicki, 1959; Belaja 1974), and also as pitch peak retraction (Bethin, 2006a, 2006b). Instrumental data presented in this paper confirms that the pretonic vowel can be higher in intensity and longer in duration than the stressed one, as well as comparable to it in pitch, depending on the respective heights of the pretonic vowel and the stressed one. However, the acoustic data does not lend support to either the stress retraction or pitch peak retraction hypothesis. Instead, this paper argues that the phenomenon at hand results from redistribution of the acoustic prominence associated with stress over two syllables.

Last updated on 10/18/2017