Model-Based MR Parameter Mapping with Sparsity Constraint


B. Zhao, F. Lam, W. Lu, and Z. P. Liang, “Model-Based MR Parameter Mapping with Sparsity Constraint,” International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro (ISBI). pp. 1-4, 2013.


MR parameter mapping (e.g., T1 mapping, T2 mapping, or T*2 mapping) is a valuable tool for tissue characterization. However, its practical utility has been limited due to long data acquisition time. This paper addresses this problem with a new model-based parameter mapping method, which utilizes an explicit signal model and imposes a sparsity constraint on the parameter values. The proposed method enables direct estimation of the parameters of interest from highly undersampled, noisy k-space data. An algorithm is presented to solve the underlying parameter estimation problem. Its performance is analyzed using estimation-theoretic bounds. Some representative results from T2 brain mapping are also presented to illustrate the performance of the proposed method for accelerating parameter mapping.

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