I am a Research Associate under Professor Peter Sorger in HiTS (Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science) at Harvard Medical School. As a member of the LSP (Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology) I perform research as part of the proteomics team on a state-of-the-art Orbitrap instrument.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Organic Synthesis from the University College Dublin, Ireland, under the mentorship of Dr. Eoghan McGarrigle. My PhD research focused on developing methods and catalysts for the synthesis of carbohydrates. This work helped to elucidate the Brønsted Acid mechanism behind the thiourea-catalyzed synthesis of 2-deoxygalactosides. Prior to completing his PhD, I received a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in Organic Chemistry.

After moving to Boston in 2015, I completed a short postdoctoral fellowship in the Mattson lab, which focused on drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Here he designed and synthesized analogues of natural compounds designed to target the Bcl-2 family of proteins in order to develop innovative therapeutic approaches for cancer therapy. This introduction to protein chemistry led me to pursue research with an increasingly stronger focus on clinically and translationally relevant biological questions. This resulted in him joining the LSP proteomics group where I work with Dr. Marian Kalocsay and Peter Sorger. Working under the supervision of Marian Kalocsay and Peter Sorger, I now apply my knowledge of organic synthesis to proteomics, where I performs sample preparation, instrument operation/maintenance and the analysis of mass spectrometry data.