I love writing songs and making music. Below is some of my (and my old band's) music, and here are two videos of my old band in "concert" (i.e., playing for ten friends): ju, take. The songs are listed from most recent (top) to least recent (bottom).


ju (pinned).mp35.75 MB
itapoã (pinned).mp32.89 MB
the book of love (cover).mp32.8 MB
tome cinco, amiguinho.mp32.01 MB
stella bear.mp33.68 MB
siren.mp35.85 MB
water lullaby.mp310.69 MB
river road.mp32.59 MB
teach me.mp33.47 MB
beach.mp34.33 MB
abaco.mp32.08 MB
a.b. noodle.mp32.49 MB
count your juleps.mp35.75 MB
your long wildwood (cover, medley).mp33.76 MB
mosquitoes (band).mp35.15 MB
wandering mind (band).mp37.36 MB
take (band, live).mp34.2 MB
park (band).mp32.83 MB
into the flood (band).mp34.49 MB
april (band).mp34.86 MB
count to a million (band, live).mp33.13 MB
morning rays (band).mp31.9 MB
suspended (band).mp33.69 MB
since i can't (band).mp32.43 MB
sparrow (band).mp33.01 MB
replica (band).mp35.34 MB
gulls (band).mp36.4 MB
32-32s (band).mp34.12 MB
shoot the singer (band, live, cover).mp33.21 MB