Bridget holds a PhD in Anthropology and Human Evolutionary Biology.  Her research focuses on understanding the processes by which Homo sapiens dispersed globally as all other human groups went extinct over the past 100,000 years.  She is particularly interested in synthesizing the fossil, archaeological, and genetic records to better understand interactions between Neanderthals and modern humans. Her field projects are in the Balkans, Northeast Europe, and the Levant, and her methodological expertise is in radiocarbon dating.

She also researches how education and outreach about human origins can promote understanding of evolution and the scientific method. Towards this aim, she is active in pop-science writing and K-12 programs.

Bridget is an Associate Concentration Advisor and Lecturer in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard. She is also the Senior Resident Tutor in Cabot House and dedicated to liberal arts and sciences education.  Her undergraduate degrees are in Geochemistry and Anthropology from Dartmouth College.

She thinks humans are interesting animals.