Pop science & outreach

Videos and podcasts

You're the Expert podcast - guest on episode of comedy-science radio program on WBUR NPR Boston

Neanderthal Class Videos - short videos about our extinct evolutionary cousins, produced by my Harvard class "HEB 1200 Neanderthals & Other Extinct Humans"

Harvard Horizons talk - 5 minute public lecture on "Identifying encounters between Neanderthals and modern humans through reliable radiocarbon dates"

Harvard Horizons talk

Microarchaeology at Ashkelon - see my in-field laboratory at the archaeology dig at Tel Ashkelon

Ashkelon lab



Discover - The Lemur and the Lioness

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Discover - Getting Naked

The Conversation - Plague was around for millennia before epidemics took hold

Since September 2018 I've been writing a (nearly) weekly online series, covering fundamental topics & classic tales from Anthropology for Discover:

Other Stories:

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The Conversation - DNA dating: How molecular clocks are refining human evolution's timeline

The Guardian Science blog network - Why we're closer than ever to a timeline for human evolution

During summer of 2016 I was a AAAS Mass Media Fellow, writing for Discover Magazine. My clips: