Biogeography of Neanderthals and modern humans

My primary research interest is reconstructing the spatial and temporal distributions of Neanderthals and modern humans, in order to narrow in on their contexts of encounters. The main product thus far has been the construction of chronologies based on reliable radiocarbon dates for the Middle to Upper Paleolithic in the Levant, Balkans, and Northeast Europe. The methodology for radiocarbon dating integrates fieldwork and laboratory analysis to produce meaningful dates.

The Levant: Manot Cave

Alex, B., O. Barzilai, I. Hershkovitz... E. Boaretto (2017). Radiocarbon chronology of Manot Cave, Israel and Upper Paleolithic dispersals. Science Advances. 3: e1701450.

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The Balkans

Alex, B., D. Mihailovic, S. Milosevic, E. Boaretto (2019). Radiocarbon chronology of Middle and Upper Paleolithic sites in Serbia, Central Balkans. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 25: 266-279

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Poland: Ciemna and Obłazowa Caves

Alex, B., P. Valde-Nowak, L. Regev, E. Boaretto (2017). Late Middle Paleolithic of Southern Poland: Radiocarbon Dates from Ciemna and Obłazowa Caves. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 11: 370-380.

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Other projects

East African Chronology

Tryon, C., J. Lewis,.. B. Alex...(2018). Middle and Later Stone Age chronology of Kisese II rockshelter (UNESCO World Heritage Kondoa Rock-Art Site), Tanzania. PLOS One 13(2): e0192029.

Tel Ashkelon, Israel :

Koons, M. and B. Alex (2014). Revised Moche Chronology Based on Bayesian Models of Reliable Radiocarbon Dates. Radiocarbon 56(3): 1039-1055.

Stoner, W., D. Nichols, B. Alex, D. Crider (2015). The Emergence of Early-Middle Formative Exchange Patterns in Mesoamerica: A View from Altica in the Teotihuacan Valley.  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 39:19-35.

Alex, B., D. Nichols, M. D. Glascock (2012). Complementary Compositional Analyses of Formative Period Ceramics from the Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico. Archaeometry 54:821-834.