Curriculum vitae


  • How do disability insurance beneficiaries respond to cash-on-hand? New evidence and policy implications [pdf]
  • The effect of SNAP benefits on household expenditures and consumption: New evidence from scanner data and the November 2013 benefit cuts [pdf] [Press coverage]
  • Payday as a zeitgeber for consumption, crime, and adverse health outcomes


  • Economics 2110: Econometrics I, Harvard University (Ph.D.-level)
  • Economics 1123: Introduction to Econometrics, Harvard University (undergraduate-level)
  • Economics 50: Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems (with Raj Chetty), Harvard University
  • API 202 Z: Empirical Methods II, Harvard Kennedy School of Government (M.P.P.-level)


  • Public Economics Lectures for 2nd Year Ph.D. Course (with Raj Chetty) [pdf of slides, lite version of slides, pdf of reading list and course description,  zip folder with source files]