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Publications and forthcoming papers:

Carranza, E. and R. Meeks. 2019. “Understanding Energy Efficiency and Electricity Reliability.” Review of Economics and Statistics. Forthcoming.

Abel, M., R. Burger, E. Carranza, and P. Piraino. 2019. “Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap? The Effect of Plan-Making Prompts on Job Search and Employment.American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11 (2): 284-301.

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Carranza, E. 2014. “Soil Endowments, Female Labor Force Participation and the Demographic Deficit of Women in India.American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 6(4): 197-225.


Working Papers (selected):

Carranza, E., R. Garlick, K. Orkin, and N. Rankin. 2020. “Job Search and Hiring with Two-sided Limited Information about Workseekers’ Skills.” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9345. Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review.

Carranza, E., A. Donald, S. Kaur, and F. Grosset. 2021. “The Social Tax: Redistributive Pressure and Labor Supply.


Research in Progress (selected):

Overconfidence and Wage Expectations.” (with M. Abel, R.Burger and P.Piraino)

Can Temporary Wage Incentives Increase Formal Employment?” (with M. Abel and M.E. Ortega)

"Demand Side Norms and Female Employment" (with M. Bussolo, J.N. Lee, M. Mahmud, N. Sarma and E. Tas)