HP 2000: Core Course in Health Policy





Joseph P. Newhouse, PhD
Richard G. Frank, PhD
Alan Zaslavsky, PhD

Class Size and Composition: 
11, first-year PhD students in Health Policy*

- Mentor first-year students regarding issues both in and outside course
- Create prompts for 5 essays
- Lead 3 class sections, develop debate prompt for another session
- Hold 3 optional sessions to help students develop research proposals
- Grade 7 written assignments (5 essays, literature review, & research proposal)
- Maintain course website
- Communicate regularly with rotating speakers and course instructor

Student Ratings:
Fall 2018 - 4.9/5.0
Spring 2019 - 4.6/5.0

Select Student Comments:
"Carrie was an exceptional TF for our course. She has gone above and beyond to give us detailed, clear feedback on assignments in a timely manner. Perhaps most important of all, Carrie has been an invaluable source for us all in what has been a very trying first semester. I had quite a challenging time half way through the semester and a chat with Carrie helped tremendously."

"Carrie is professional, thoughtful, and an overal incredible section leader." 

"Carrie has been an absolutely amazing TF, not only helping us extract the most value from this course, but also guiding us on how best to juggle all the other competing claims on our time. Her feedback on assignments has helped me improve as a critical thinker. Above all, she always puts her students first, never hesitating to share thoughtful advice or offer support whenever needed."

*Course is a year long and runs from Fall 2018 - Spring 2019