I am a PhD Candidate in Education Policy & Program Evaluation at Harvard University and an Institute for Education Sciences (IES) pre-doctoral fellow through the Partnering in Education Research program at Harvard's Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR). My research, at the intersection of experimental design, quantitative methods, and education, investigates treatment effect heterogeneity in interventions and policies to help build critical knowledge of what works in education, for whom, and in what contexts. My current projects use rigorous designs to understand variation in the effects of complex literacy interventions for elementary students and their families, as well as theory-and simulation-based methodological work to deepen our understanding of when statistical tools fail in intervention research.

Starting in August 2021, I will join the Youth Policy Lab at the University of Michigan as an Assistant Research Scientest.

You can download my CV here.

I am an active contributor to Jimmy Kim's READS Lab and the Miratrix C.A.R.E.S. Lab, both at the Graduate School of Education