The origins of the Middle Stone Age and Levallois technology: Kapthurin Formation, Lake Baringo, Kenya

Photo: Boniface Kimeu, Koimilot Locus 1 2001 excavations, Bernard 'Kanyenze' Ngeneo.

The Middle Stone Age (MSA) is the archaeological signature associated with the earliest fossils of Homo sapiens, and the Kapthurin Formation of Kenya provides one of the few stratigraphic sequences where the origins of MSA technology from Early Stone Age (ESA) antecedents can be observed, including some of the earliest known examples of Levallois methods of flake production that typify many MSA sites.  The Kapthurin Formation is a suite of Middle Pleistocene sediments exposed west of Lake Baringo in the Eastern or Gregory Rift Valley.  Through fieldwork and geochemical analyses using an electron microprobe, I compiled a stratigraphic sequence of ESA and MSA sites to examine the complex nature of technological change, examined lateral variation in ancient environments, and excavated the site of Koimilot, dated to about 200,000 years ago and one of a handful of early MSA sites in eastern Africa.  The evidence from sites such as the Leakey Handaxe site and Koimilot demonstrate an early age for Levallois technology in Africa, and show that African hominins express nearly the full diversity of Levallois approaches to flake production from the onset of its use.


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Project collaborators

Sally McBrearty, University of Connecticut

Nick Blegen, University of Connecticut

Pierre-Jean Texier, University of Bordeaux