Human disperals in Africa: The natural and cultural prehistory of Lake Victoria

Photos: 2009 excavations at Nyamita; Nubian and other Levallois cores and retouched points from Rusinga Island; geological mapping at Nyamita.

I co-direct the Lake Victoria Prehistory Project (LVPP), investigating the natural and cultural history of Africa’s largest lake and the ancient human populations that lived on its margins, particularly the relationship between environmental change and the dispersal of Homo sapiens across Africa.  Current fieldwork focuses on sediments on islands within Lake Victoria (Rusinga and Mfangano) and on lake margin in western Kenya (at Karungu).  It is a multi-disciplinary project, incorporating specialists in archaeology, tephrostratigraphy, sedimentology, geochronology, paleopedology, paleontology, and isotope biogeochemistry.  Numerous archaeological and paleontological sites dating to between 100,000 and 33,000 years ago are linked by widespread volcanic ash deposits derived from sources >200 km away in the Rift Valley, include a suite of Middle Stone Age (MSA) artifacts and the most diverse fossil fauna from the Late Pleistocene of eastern Africa.  Faunal and sedimentary evidence indicate that early humans in the Lake Victoria region lived in a landscape that was often quite different from the present, as Lake Victoria expanded or dried up in response to environmental and tectonic changes, and many animal communities had species compositions without modern analogue, including not only extinct species but also modern ones whose ranges today are substantially smaller than they were in the past.

Photo: Landing on Mfangano Island, 2010.


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Key collaborators

Daniel Peppe (Baylor University)

J. Tyler Faith (University of Queensland)

Steve Driese (Baylor University)

Kieran McNulty (University of Minnesota)

Shikma Zaarur (Yale University)

Nick Blegen (University of Connecticut)

Emily Beverly (Baylor University)

David Patterson (George Washington University)

Cara Roure Johnson (University of Connecticut)

Zenobia Jacobs (University of Wollongong)

Warren Sharp (Berkeley Geochronology Center)

David Fox (University of Minnesota)

Kirsten Jenkins (University of Minnesota)

Niki Garrett (University of Minnesota)

Alex Van Plantinga (Texas A&M)

Sheila Nightingale (City University of New York)

Bill Keegan (Heritage Consultants)