Lukenya Hill and the Identity of Late Pleistocene East Africans

Lukenya Hill is a prominent inselberg in the plains east of Nairobi that people have occupied for tens of thousands of years. Our excavations at one site have focused on providing a detailed chronology for these human occupations and a comparitive analysis of human skeletal remains found at the site. 

Lukenya Hill
GvJm22 at Lukenya Hill in the 1970s, photo courtesy of R.M. Gramly.

Tryon, C.A.; Crevecoeur, I.; Faith, J.T.; Ekshtain, R.; Nivens, J.; Patterson, D.B.; Mbua, E.; Spoor, F. (2015) Late Pleistocene age and archaeological context for the hominin calvaria from GvJm-22 (Lukenya Hill, Kenya). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112: 2682-2687. .pdf