I am a PhD Candidate at the Harvard School of Applied Sciences and Engineering researching the global fate and transport of human-made, persistent pollutants in the environment. I work at the intersection of environmental science and public health to better understand the long term human and ecological exposure risks of environmental pollution, climate change and regulatory (in)action.

I am particularly interested in links between climate change, environmental pollution and public health. In the spring I worked with NASA DEVELOP on a heat vulnerability index for the City of Philadelphia. My PhD research focuses on how biogeochemical processes, climate-driven changes in surface temperatures, ocean productivity and sea ice cover drive the life-time of persistent organic pollutants in the ocean. I combine mechanistic models, data science and field work to better understand emission patterns, distribution and removal processes. 

I hold a MSc in Environmental Health from the Cyprus University of Technology and a BA from Maastricht University, Netherlands, in Political Science and Environmental Policy. Before my PhD, I worked for several years as a Scientific Editor on chemical policy. I have a special interest in sustainable development, environmental justice and science communication.