Research & Activities

Human activities release large quantities of chemicals that accumulate in the environment and cause harm to human and ecological health. I combine geophysical models, boxmodels, geospatial and other statistical analysis with laboratory analysis of environmental samples to better understand how environmental changes and regulatory interventions affect concentrations of environmental pollutants.
Some of the topics I have worked on in the past are:

  • Persistence of PFAS in the marine environment
  • Global release inventory of perfluorooctanoic sulfonate (PFOS) from rivers
  • Persistence of PCBs in the global marine environment
  • Effects of climate change on accumulation of PCBs in the Arctic
  • Heat vulnerability 
  • Improving environmental health and decreasing CO2 emissions through alley cropping agriculture 
  • Impact of consumer choices on aviation emissions
  • Health effects of chemicals used in food contact materials
  • Women's right to water: need for gender perspective in international development