Language test

This is a test of the WYSIWYG editor's ability to let the author set the language attribute on content. There is no option to set the language of the entire post.

En français, je m'appelle Curtis.

One can add the attribute to elements in the Source view but the published version has the attribute stripped out.

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OpenScholar Column Hacks

Table hack

HTML <table> elements are meant for tabular data, not for creating two-dimensional layouts. However, OpenScholar's only other non-code solution to have content in columns is to not write it in a Page but to write each piece in a Custom HTML widget and use the Layout to arrange them. Content in widgets is much harder to manage than content in Pages (or other post types).

First List

  • Aenean consectetur lacinia pharetra.
  • ...
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Table from Word test

Selected and Pasted from Microsoft Word

Header Row, First Column, and Banded Rows checked in Word Table Design options. "Grid Table 1 Light" theme selected. Column and row headers are visually styled td elements, not th.



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Math input test

Default sample equation

\(x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}\)

u and s element test

Siteimprove will flag the use of the <u> element. Will it flag the use if the <u> element has explicit text-decoration: underline; CSS instead of relying on the user stylesheet to default to it?

Adding style="text-decoration: underline;" to the element doesn't help, applying the style to a <span> works.

How does Siteimprove feel about the <s>...

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Attached file test

This page has a file attached to it.

The file type icons have an empty alt="" attribute but thinking about it, it is decorative and duplicative of the filename extension on the file link.

Curiously, attached image files are displayed rather than linked to; they do have the alt text associated with the file (there have been bugs where this has not been the case for certain Embed Media uses).