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I'm a behavioral scientist who believes that we can answer fundamental questions about human nature with the scientific method.

I work on questions like: How do we make and break social connections? When do we succeed (and fail) at understanding what other people care about? How does social technology change us? How does our brain distinguish objects from people? Why do we sometimes get it wrong and treat objects like people, or, treat people like objects? I use my research background to teach students how behavioral science and social psychology can be leveraged for consumer engagement and brand growth. 

I'm a research affiliate at Harvard and an Associate Professor at Minerva, where I head up the Business College. Minerva is a new start-up university affiliated with Keck Graduate Institute, one of the Claremont Colleges. Students travel around the globe as a cohort and I teach small, interactive seminars via a real-time cloud classroom; it's strange how quickly it feels completely normal. The Atlantic recently asked if Minerva was the future of college — while that remains to be seen, it's a pretty exciting adventure.


  some of the places i've learned

Holy Cross, BA
Dartmouth, PhD
Harvard Business School, Postdoc
Harvard University, College Fellow

some of the great people i've
learned from:

Marisa Carrasco
Thalia Wheatley
Jay Van Bavel
Amy Cuddy

Dan Gilbert


I like science, coffee, and creating things.