I love talking about science. 



All of us are experts at human behavior because we have been immersed in hyper-social environments from birth. This intuitive understanding of social phenomenon means that it is particularly exciting to talk with non-academics about my work.

some things i've worked on:  
  • designing and facilitating a robotics camp for middle schoolers.
  • presenting mind perception research at Google's re:Work conference.
  • teaching elementary kids about neuroanatomy by helping them handle real brains.
  • expert guest on the science/comedy podcast: "You're the expert".
  • consulting on content for the Human Hall of Life at the Museum of Science.
  • panelist in 'Depression as a Disability' presentation about mental health research and resources at Harvard.
  • presenting work on how our brains adapt to new technology at the Global Cr8 Summit in ShenZhen.
  • designing and leading workshops on negotiation.
  • teaching people how to give presentations.
  • designing and leading workshops on teaching in virtual classroooms.
  • writing about virtual interactions.

if there is a project i might be able to help with, don't hesitate to get in touch.