Articles & Book Chapters

"When Mayors Deliver: Political Alignment and Wellbeing" (with Emilia Simison), Studies in Comparative International Development, forthcoming.

“Redefining Labor Organizing: Insider and Outsider Workers in Latin America” in Centeno, Miguel and Agustín Ferraro (eds.), The Neoliberal State and Beyond (New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

“Incentives for Organizational Participation: A Recruitment Experiment in Mexico” (with Brian Palmer-Rubin and Mathias Poertner), Comparative Political Studies (January 2021):110-143. pdf

“Including Outsiders in Latin America” in Kapiszewski, Diana, Steve Levitsky, and Deborah Yashar (eds.), The Inclusionary Turn in Contemporary Latin America (Cambridge University Press, 2021). pdf.

"Organizational and Partisan Brokerage of Social Benefits: Evidence of Social Policy Linkages in Mexico," (with Brian Palmer-Rubin and Mathias Poertner), World Development 136 (December 2020). pdf

“A Multilevel Approach to Enforcement” (with Belén Fernández-Milmanda) in Brinks, Daniel, Steve Levitsky and Victoria Murillo (eds.), The Politics of Institutional Weakness in Latin America (Cambridge University Press, 2020). pdf.

“The Multilevel Politics of Enforcement: Environmental Institutions in Argentina” (with Belén Fernández-Milmanda), Politics & Society (March 2020): 3-26. pdf

“Local Health Care Provision as a Territorial Power-Building Strategy, Non-Aligned Mayors in Argentina” (with Maria Marta Maroto), Comparative Politics 52, No 1 (October 2019). pdf

“Subnational Variation in Forest Protection in the Argentine Chaco” (with Belén Fernández-Milmanda), World Development 118 (June 2019): 79-90.pdf

“Redistribution under the Right in Latin America: Electoral Competition and Organized Actors in Policymaking” (with Tasha Fairfield), Comparative Political Studies 50, No 14 (December 2017): 1871-1906. pdf

  • 2019 Best Article Prize, Economics and Politics Section, Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

“Los movimientos de desocupados en el Conurbano: protesta, política social y política partidaria,” in Zarazaga Rodrigo and Lucas Ronconi (eds.), Conurbano Infinito (Buenos Aires: Siglo XXI editores, 2017 [Third edition]). pdf

“Argentina’s Left Populism in Comparative Perspective” (with Sebastian Etchemendy), in Steven Levitsky and Kenneth Roberts (eds.), The Resurgence of the Latin American Left (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011). pdf

“Associational Linkages to Labor Unions and Political Parties” in Ruth Berins Collier and Samuel Handlin (eds.), Reorganizing Popular Politics: Participation and the New Interest Regime in Latin America (Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press, 2009). pdf

“Social Policy and Collective Action: Unemployed Workers, Community Associations and Protest in Argentina,” Politics & Society 35, No 2 (June 2007): 301-328. pdf.

Other Academic Publications

Review of Property Threats and the Politics of Anti-statism: The Historical Roots of Contemporary Tax Systems in Latin America by Gabriel Ondetti (Cambridge University Press, 2021) in Perspectives on Politics, forthcoming.

“Los movimientos de desocupados y la promesa de igualdad social: reflexiones acerca del artículo de Juan Carlos Torre” Desarrollo Económico228 (59) (September 2019), pdf.


Policy-Related Research


Background paper, "Trust and the formation of labor unions in Latin America," (with Andrew Schrank), Inter-American Development Bank (unpublished manuscript), 2021 .