I'm a second year PhD student in the EconCS group at Harvard University, where I am advised by Professor Yiling Chen. My research interests lie mostly on the intersection of Computer Science, Economics and Learning and specifically on learning under the presence of strategic agents, online learning and mechanism design.

Before joining Harvard, I was an intern for Google in Athens, Greece. I received my BSc degree from National Technical University of Athens, where I was advised by Professor Dimitris Fotakis

You can find my CV here. [Last Update: June 2018]

In case you want to contact me, my email is: <my_last_name>@g.harvard.edu

My birthname is Charikleia Podimata, but I go by Chara. To pronounce my name correctly: Ha (as in Harlem) and ra (as in rabbit). 



  • Our paper Strategyproof Linear Regression in High Dimensions was among the 5 shortlisted papers for the Best Paper Award at EC ' 18! 
  • Two papers accepted in EC '18! Strategyproof linear regression in high dimensions and Learning to bid without knowing your value