About me

I recently graduated from the lab of Florian Engert at Harvard University. The lab studies the larval zebrafish, a small, transparent and genetic malleable vertebrate model that is quickly gaining prominence in systems neuroscience. At the 6-day-old stage, its brain only contains ~100,000 neurons (which is about the same as for an adult fruit fly, and comparble to the number of voxels in a human fMRI scan). Using Two-photon or Light-sheet microscopy and a transgenic fish with all neurons expressing a calcium indicator, we can record neural activity of the entire brain at single neuron resolution in an awake and behaving animal.

Over the past years, I have been analyzing whole-brain Light-sheet data of larval zebrafish collected by Misha Ahren's lab (Janelia Research Campus, HHMI). I built an interactive GUI in Matlab for exploratory analysis, and am working on brain-wide mapping of functional neuronal groups, as well as more detailed sensory-motor transformation in the hindbrain. Before that, I spent several years in the lab studying the temporal phototaxis behavior in free-swimming larval zebrafish, and worked on Two-photon functional imaging in 'fictively' behaving fish.

My research background is broad, and despite my undergraduate training in biochemistry, my passion has evolved towards understanding high level questions in an advanced brain. I am particularly interested in the analysis of complex data, generally preferring an integrated approach that combines intuitive exploration with quantitative analysis and programming tools.

In Sept 2016, I have started a Data Scientist/Postdoc position with Talia Konkle at the Harvard Vision Sciences Lab. Our lab aims to characterize how representational spaces are mapped onto the human cortex. I will investigate the functional and topographical organization of object representation, combining the analysis of existing human fMRI datasets with modelling approaches.

Besides my research, I have served as co-chair for the student organization Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering, and have enjoyed playing clarinet with the graduate school orchestra. I am currently living in Cambridge, MA with my husband Aaron Kuan and our baby girl.