“DiamondSpin: An Extensible Toolkit for Around-the-Table Interaction”


Shen C, Vernier FD, Forlines C, Ringel M. “DiamondSpin: An Extensible Toolkit for Around-the-Table Interaction”. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2004 :167-174.
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DiamondSpin is a toolkit for the efficient prototyping of and experimentation with multi-person, concurrent interfaces for interactive shared displays. In this paper, we identify the fundamental functionality that tabletop user interfaces should embody, then present the toolkit’s architecture and API. DiamondSpin provides a novel realtime polar to Cartesian transformation engine that has enabled new, around-the-table interaction metaphors to be implemented. DiamondSpin allows arbitrary document positioning and orientation on a tabletop surface. Polygonal tabletop layouts such as rectangular, octagonal, and circular tabletops can easily be constructed. DiamondSpin also supports multiple work areas within the same digital tabletop. Multi-user operations are offered through multithreaded input event streams, multiple active objects, and multiple concurrent menus. We also discuss insights on tabletop interaction issues we have observed from a set of applications built with DiamondSpin.


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