“How Pairs Interact Over a Multimodal Digital Table”


Tse E, Shen C, Greenberg S, Forlines C. “How Pairs Interact Over a Multimodal Digital Table”. Proceedings of the 2007 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'07) . 2007.
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Co-located collaborators often work over physical tabletops using combinations of expressive hand gestures and verbal utterances. This paper provides the first observations of how pairs of people communicated and interacted in a multimodal digital table environment built atop existing single user applications. We contribute to the understanding of these environments in two ways. First, we saw that speech and gesture commands served double duty as both commands to the computer, and as implicit communication to others. Second, in spite of limitations imposed by the underlying single-user application, people were able to work together simultaneously, and they performed interleaving acts: the graceful mixing of inter-person speech and gesture actions as commands to the system. This work contributes to the intricate understanding of multi-user multimodal digital table interaction.

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