“iDwidgets: Parameterizing Widgets by User Identity”


Ryall K, Esenther A, Everitt K, Forlines C, Morris MR, Shen C, Shipman S, Vernier FD. “iDwidgets: Parameterizing Widgets by User Identity”. Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2005: IFIP TC13 International Conference. 2005 :1124-1128.
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We introduce the concept of identity-differentiating widgets(iDwidgets), widgets parameterized by the identity of their user. Although multi-user applications have become more common, most support only traditional “single-user” widgets. By adding user-identity information we allow interactions with today’s widgets to be dynamically customized on a per-user basis in a group usage setting. The concept has inspired the design of new widgets as well. In this paper we describe example iDwidgets and define a conceptual framework based on what is being customized in the widget. iDwidgets can support novel interaction techniques in collaborative settings.
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