“Under the Table Interaction”


Wigdor D, Leigh D, Forlines C, Shen C, Shipman S, Barnwell J, Balakrishnan R. “Under the Table Interaction”. Proceedings of the 2006 ACM Conference on User Interface Software and Technology. 2006.


We explore the design space of a two-sided interactive touch table, designed to receive touch input from both the top and bottom surfaces of the table. By combining two registered touch surfaces, we are able to offer a new dimension of input for co-located collaborative groupware. This design accomplishes the goal of increasing the relative size of the input area of a touch table while maintaining its direct-touch input paradigm. We describe the interaction properties of this two-sided touch table, report the results of a controlled experiment examining the precision of user touches to the underside of the table, and a series of application scenarios we developed for use on inverted and two-sided tables. Finally, we present a list of design recommendations based on our experiences and observations with inverted and two-sided tables.
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