CThru: Exploration in a Video-Centered Information Space for Educational Purposes


We present CThru, a self-guided video-based educational environment in a large multi-display setting. We employ a video-centered approach, creating and combining multimedia contents of different formats with a story-telling education video. With the support of new display form factors in the environment, viewing a sequential educational video thread is replaced by the immersive learning experience of hands-on exploration and manipulation in a multi-dimensional information space. We demonstrate CThru with an animation clip in cellular biology, supplementing visible objects in the video with rich domain-specific multimedia information and interactive 3D models. We describe CThru's design rationale and implementation. We also discuss a pilot study and what it revealed with respect to CThru's interface and the usage pattern of the tabletop and the associated large wall display.

Pages: 1247-1250
Last updated on 10/24/2013