Implementation and Performance of MidART


Gonzalez O, Shen C, Mizunuma I, Takegaki M. Implementation and Performance of MidART. Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Middleware for Distributed Real-Time Systems and Services. 1997.


In this paper, we describe our experience in the implementation of MidART – Middleware and network Architecture for distributed Real-Time systems. Our MidART project addresses the problem of middleware design to support high speed network based distributed real-time applications. The uniqueness of MidART lies in the simplicity of services provided and the flexibility of data reflection models, compared with more general purpose but much more complicated middleware such as CORBA implementations. This simplicity leads to ease of understanding and ease of use by application builders, while its flexibility sufficiently serves the needs of the class of real-time applications MidART is designed for.
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