Middleware for Distributed Industrial Real-Time Systems on ATM Networks


Mizunuma I, Shen C, Takegaki M. Middleware for Distributed Industrial Real-Time Systems on ATM Networks. Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS '96). 1996 :32-38.


In this paper we address the problem of middleware design for constructing ATM LAN based distributed industrial plant monitoring and control systems. In particular, we present a real-time client-server programming model based on a uniform ATM network. This model is being realized in our middleware called MidART. The middleware provides a set of industrial application specic but network transparent programming abstractions and application programming interface (API) that support individual application QoS requirements. In order to achieve on-demand transmission of plant data, we have developed a concept called selective real-time channels to be supported by MidART. We present the design and protocols of selective real-time channels and describe how QoS requirements of applications are guaranteed.
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