TRIM: Triangulating Images for Efficient Registration


C. P. Yung, G. P. - T. Choi, K. Chen, and L. M. Lui, “TRIM: Triangulating Images for Efficient Registration,” Submitted.
TRIM: Triangulating Images for Efficient Registration


With the advancement in the digital camera technology, the use of high resolution images and videos has been widespread in the modern society. In particular, image and video frame registration is frequently applied in computer graphics and film production. However, the conventional registration approaches usually require long computational time for high quality images and video frames. This hinders the applications of the registration approaches in the modern industries. In this work, we propose a novel approach called {\em TRIM} to accelerate the computations of the registration by triangulating the images. More specifically, given a high resolution image or video frame, we compute an optimal coarse triangulation which captures the important features of the image. Then, the computation of the registration can be simplified with the aid of the coarse triangulation. Experimental results suggest that the computational time of the registration is significantly reduced using our triangulation-based approach, meanwhile the accuracy of the registration is well retained when compared with the conventional grid-based approach.


Last updated on 05/23/2016