Mechanotherapy: Clinical Integration of Physical and Biological Principles of Orthodontics






Course Director: Dr. Mani Alikhani

Course Co-Director: Dr. Michelle Y Chou

Format: Lectures, Seminars, Hands-on

This one-year course is designed to provide students of Advanced Graduate Education in Orthodontics pronounced knowledge in mechanical and biological principles of contemporary orthodontic treatment. By incorporating these principles proficiently, students will be able to design and deliver orthodontic treatment in a more effective and efficient way. Basic and advanced principles in physics and biomechanics, bone biology and growth and development along with their applications in various clinical scenarios, will be addressed. Students will learn how to recognize common errors in orthodontic mechanics in order to avoid inefficient and ineffective treatment. Students are encouraged to be creative on designing customized mechanics to fulfill different clinical needs at different stages of orthodontic treatment.  

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1)         Understand the biological mechanisms of tooth movement, growth and development and craniofacial response to orthodontic and orthopedic therapies.                                

2)         Understand essential physical and mechanical principles for designing proper mechanics for executing a selected treatment plan.

3)         Critically analyze the designs of various types of commonly used fixed and removable orthodontic appliances