Museums and Learning, Fall 2010 & 2011 (Teaching Fellow)



Changing perceptions of the museum, changing perceptions of museum education and evolving conceptions of how people learn have combined to create fertile ground for research on learning in museums. The course introduces students to research, issues and practices in the area of museum learning, with special but not exclusive emphasis on learning in the art museum. The course focuses on two core questions: (1) What kind of learning can occur in and from museums and how do conceptions of learning embodied in museum practices relate to conceptions of learning more generally? (2) What counts as evidence of learning in and from museums? How can this evidence be gathered, and what can we learn from it? Class sessions include lecture, discussion, and workshop opportunities for students to explore materials from the field and to share and critique their work.  As part of the course requirements, students design and conduct a small-group research project and write a final report.