Long-Range Ordering of Vibrated Polar Disks


C. A. Weber, T. Hanke, J. Deseigne, S. Léonard, O. Dauchot, E. Frey, and H. Chaté. 2013. “Long-Range Ordering of Vibrated Polar Disks.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 110, Pp. 208001.


Vibrated polar disks have been used experimentally to investigate collective motion of driven particles, where fully ordered asymptotic regimes could not be reached. Here we present a model reproducing quantitatively the single, binary, and collective properties of this granular system. Using system sizes not accessible in the laboratory, we show in silico that true long-range order is possible in the experimental system. Exploring the model?s parameter space, we find a phase diagram qualitatively different from that of dilute or pointlike particle systems.