• Vitaly and Rick Harris at the IASP Conference

  • Dan-Mikael presenting at SfN 2016

  • We tried out lab uniforms for a bit

    Vitaly and Ishtiaq

  • Enough said

    Jess, Kylie, and Ishtiaq

  • Kylie and Ishtiaq

  • SfN 2016

    Jeungchan, Ishtiaq, Vitaly, and Ana Ortiz

  • Roberta and Ishtiaq

  • Riccardo and Ishtiaq

  • Ishtiaq presenting at APS 2016

  • Katerina and Ishtiaq

  • Vitaly HBM 2016 Brainstem fMRI

    Vitaly presenting at HBM 2016 in Geneva

  • Geneva!

    Vitaly, Riccardo, Jieun Kim, and Roberta

  • HBM 2016

    Jieun, Riccardo, and Roberta

  • Vitaly at ISAMS 2016

  • CiPNI bonding at Boda Borg :)

    Ishtiaq, Kylie, and Dan-Mikael

  • Take 1 at Hyperscanning

    Vitaly and Dan-Mikael

  • MGH Radiology Christmas Party 2016

    Ellie, Kylie, and Ishtiaq

  • CiPNI lunch in the North End

  • Professor Karen Davis presents Marco with the Ulf Lindblom Young Investigator Award, 2016 IASP World Congress, Yokohama Japan.

  • a_kucyi_presentation

    Aaron Kucyi visits CiPNI for an insightful talk on correspondence between BOLD and ECoG