AI and X risks research

AI Law

Claire's research focuses on: 

  • The liability of AI systems, especially in European Law
  • AI loyalty and goal alignment
  • How AI is affecting democracy
  • How to prevent AI-enabled manipulation


Life, technology, and existential risks

Claire is interested in understanding the future of life as it relates to emerging technologies. The questions she studies include: 

  • Should we regulate non-existing technologies that could pose existential risks in the future?
  • What regulatory and ethical framework for the creation of general purpose AI systems?
  • What are the legal and ethical implications of artificial life (e.g., synthetic biology)? 
  • Is gene editing ethically different from artificial selection?


Women & AI

Within the Chair on Accountable AI in a Global Context at the University of Ottawa, Claire leads the Women & AI research project. She studies the interaction between women and AI with an intersectional lens. She works on:

  • The role of women in AI
  • The lack of data on issues exclusively affecting women (e.g. feminicides or forced sterilizations of indigenous women)
  • The invisibility of women in most datasets where men are the default
  • The representation of women in gendered technologies (voice assistants, robots, etc.)
  • The effects of AI on gendered social dynamics (digital sexuality, social robots, etc.)
  • Discriminatory algorithmic bias (historical, representation, measurement, aggregation, evaluation, deployment bias)