Clarence is the Director of Microscopy and Image Analysis at the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology (LSP) under Professor Peter Sorger, as well as a research associate at the Image and Data Analysis Core (IDAC) under Dr. Hunter Elliott, and regularly works with the Nikon Imaging Center (NIC) under Dr. Jennifer Waters at Harvard Medical School (HMS). His main interests are in aiding experimental design of imaging assays through collaboration, as well as applying deep learning to 2D, 3D and 4D image analysis problems.

  • actin and osteoclast


    ...are the cells that clear away bone and have a characteristic actin ring and multiple nuclei (sometimes as many as 30!)

  • Still good...

    A cell optoporated with propidium iodide (a DNA intercalator, shown in red) still managers to divide

  • BRD4

    It's a pile of FRAP!

    Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) can reveal how well a protein is bound to its target in presence of a drug

  • collagen

    Comparing extracellular matrix in disease and healthy tissue

    Collagen and elastin produce a unique second harmonic signal and two photon excitation fluorescence respectively

  • cell 7

    Dead or alive

    A temporary hole can be made in the cell membrane to allow proteins that normally would not enter a living cell