• actin and osteoclast


    ...are the cells that clear away bone and have a characteristic actin ring and multiple nuclei (sometimes as many as 30!)

  • Still good...

    A cell optoporated with propidium iodide (a DNA intercalator, shown in red) still managers to divide

  • BRD4

    It's a pile of FRAP!

    Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) can reveal how well a protein is bound to its target in presence of a drug

  • collagen

    Comparing extracellular matrix in disease and healthy tissue

    Collagen and elastin produce a unique second harmonic signal and two photon excitation fluorescence respectively

  • cell 7

    Dead or alive

    A temporary hole can be made in the cell membrane to allow proteins that normally would not enter a living cell

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