Bio & CV

Curriculum Vitae

Clarence is a doctoral candidate in the Marketing Unit at Harvard Business School.  His research examines the drivers behind consumer adoption, usage, and purchase dynamics of digital goods, where he model consumer behavior using state-of-the-art Bayesian statistics and structural econometric techniques.  Digital products and platforms are increasingly present in almost all consumer interactions.  In such settings, understanding consumer choice and the dynamics of engagement and usage become critically important in order to acquire, serve and retain them as consumers.  

Before HBS, Clarence received undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, both from MIT.  For his master’s thesis, he built a Bayesian Probabilistic Inference Engine to power User-Adaptive Morphing Websites.  Prior to pursuing graduate studies, he has conducted nanotechnology research at IBM and space system design at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  In 2005, he cofounded the MIT Technology Fair, a MIT organization that showcases latest technologies from the private and public sectors.