I am a computational biologist in Peter Sorger's lab at the Harvard Institute in Therapeutic Science's Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology (LSP), which I joined in October 2018.

Currently, I am working in collaboration with Artem Sokolov, Petar Todorov and Steven Rodriguez on repurposing FDA approved drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. To this end, we are using RNA-seq data from Alzheimer's patients and machine learning to develop a profile of the transcriptional state in diseased brains. This disease profile can then be matched to drug profiles in order to rank them by their predicted efficacy in treating Alzheimer's. My focus is to understand which class of drugs and drug targets are particularly promising in order to prioritize them for further study.

For my analysis I integrate data from diverse sources using mostly R and Python. I have extensive experience in analyzing RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and Hi-C data. Currently, I am increasingly using cheminformatics methods in order to compare compounds by their chemical, phenotypic and target similarity.

I performed my PhD research in the lab of Juanma Vaquerizas at the Max Planck Institute in Münster, Germany, where I studied the dynamics of 3D chromatin architecture during early embryo development. Previously, I received a MSc from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and a BSc from Konstanz University in Germany.